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Each year, in the U.S. alone, more than 50,000 family pets drown needlessly in swimming pools, along with millions of wild animals. From frogs to possums and cats to dogs of many sizes, you will avoid waking to the tragedy of a drowned pet or to the unpleasant floating surprise of an expired critter. It is the animal rescue device that will help protect pets and animal passersby from accidental drowning, day or night, whether any people are in the area or not.


This simple white, recyclable, plastic ramp attaches to the side of the pool, walled pond/lake, most docks, and even many boats. Because all living beings see objects that reflect 550 nm-wavelength (white) light, animals can see it any time of day, and they "skamper" out on the ramp to safety.


Skamper-Ramps are made from blow-molded polyethylene. Polyethylene is the material of choice.

  • Light and robust — very high weight-to-strength ratio, meaning that it can hold a few magnitudes times its own weight
    Chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant — for use in pools, oceans, lakes and withstands direct sunlight and freezing cold
  • Unbreakable — flexes but doesn't break
    Feels good under animals' paws — easy to get pets accustomed to climbing on it
  • Durable — lasts through many years of continuous use (only the deck attachment rope may need to be replaced sooner)
  • Lightweight — easy for anyone to install and put into use

How SEAL SwimSafeTM Works

In less time than it takes to respond to a text, a swimmer in distress can silently slip under the water and drown. Drowning is a leading cause of traumatic death of children in the United States. The SEAL’s mission is to eliminate drowning by wirelessly linking lifeguards and guardians to swimmers for enhanced supervision and safeguarding.

The SEAL swimmer monitoring system empowers swimmers and their guardians by tracking a swimmer's safety while they play, learn to swim, do laps, and dive. If a swimmer is underwater too long or shows other signs of drowning, their swim band triggers a visible, audible, and vibrating alarm alerting guards and guardians to the danger so that a rescue can begin.

Stay in constant contact

The SEAL SwimSafeTM Hub continuously monitors each SEAL SwimSafeTM Band within its range, checking in with each SEAL SwimSafeTM Band several times a second.

SEAL SwimSafeTM Band

  • Pantented RFAO technology stays in constant contact
  • Alarms with flashing lights and sirens

SEAL SwimSafeTM Hub

  • Stays in constant contact SEAL SwimSafeTM Band
  • Alarms with flashing lights and sirens

Critter Skimmer

Let the critters live! Critter Skimmer is an eco-friendly invention that allows frogs, turtles, mice, and other small critters to rescue themselves from in-ground pool skimmers. Replacing the pool skimmer cover with a Critter Skimmer allows animals that invariably end up in the pool to climb up the attached spiral rescue ramp and through the opening in the skimmer cover to safety.

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