Swamp to Swim

We all have heard of “Green to Clean” and honestly, those situations are pretty easy to clear up. Many things can turn your pool green: stormy weather, a party weekend, or falling behind on regular maintenance. We can usually turn those pools around in 24 hours. A swamp to swim is worse. It’s that dark green, "frog-frolicking", "my neighbor can smell it", and "I can’t even see the steps" mess. That is when you are afraid of what might lurk beneath the dark surface. Is that a tree limb sticking up? Or the deck chair that went missing? Or Freddie Krueger’s arm waving?! We have seen all of those and more! (Freddie Krueger had been in since Halloween.) These require daily expertise and many chemical adjustments. Swamp to swim is a process. It requires skill, knowledge, the right equipment and dedication. With our LaMotte Waterspin® we bring full service water testing to your poolside with every visit. Our Hammerhead vacuum keeps the debris out of your filter and pump. We clean, disinfect and sanitize all equipment to avoid cross contamination. Our techs are top notch CPO certified and know their stuff.

Call us now to get rid of the nightmare. 1-210-980 POOL (7665)

Swamp to Swim starts at $285
Pool Cleaning Boerne Texas
  • License # TICL 878
  • Telephone: (210) 980-7665
  • Location: 234 W. Bandera Rd #180, Boerne, TX 78006

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