SEAL SwimSafeTM Swim Monitor System

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How SEAL SwimSafeTM Works

In less time than it takes to respond to a text, a swimmer in distress can silently slip under the water and drown. Drowning is a leading cause of traumatic death of children in the United States. The SEAL’s mission is to eliminate drowning by wirelessly linking lifeguards and guardians to swimmers for enhanced supervision and safeguarding.

The SEAL swimmer monitoring system empowers swimmers and their guardians by tracking a swimmer's safety while they play, learn to swim, do laps, and dive. If a swimmer is underwater too long or shows other signs of drowning, their swim band triggers a visible, audible, and vibrating alarm alerting guards and guardians to the danger so that a rescue can begin.

Stay in constant contact

The SEAL SwimSafeTM Hub continuously monitors each SEAL SwimSafeTM Band within its range, checking in with each SEAL SwimSafeTM Band several times a second.

SEAL SwimSafeTM Band

  • Pantented RFAO technology stays in constant contact
  • Alarms with flashing lights and sirens

SEAL SwimSafeTM Hub

  • Stays in constant contact SEAL SwimSafeTM Band
  • Alarms with flashing lights and sirens
  • License # TICL 878
  • Telephone: (210) 980-7665
  • Location: 234 W. Bandera Rd #180, Boerne, TX 78006

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