Hammer-Head Vacuum

Pool Service and Repair

Let our investment protect your investment.

We use the battery powered Hammerhead Power Vac which is 100% independent of your pool’s filtration system. The result is a beautiful pool without any unnecessary wear and tear on your filter system.

Harsh on Debris and Dust

From Volcano super-fine dust to Heavy Debris HAMMER-HEAD VAC can vacuum up large leaves, coarse sand, sticks, mulch, small gravel and even coins. It can also pick up almost all finer silt and dust. All debris go into the bag and stay out of your filter system. This means fewer filter cleanings, and less strain on the pool equipment.

Gentle with Your Pool

The HAMMER-HEAD VAC has over 1" of clearance from the pool bottom to provide maximum protection for your pool liner. The HAMMER-HEAD vacuum head design has wheels on the outside of the head to protect the vacuum head from making contact with the liner.
  • License # TICL 878
  • Telephone: (210) 980-7665
  • Location: 234 W. Bandera Rd #180, Boerne, TX 78006

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