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Tile Maintenance

Unbalanced pH levels can cause calcium carbonate to separate from the water and form white, gray or brown patches on your pool tiles. Regular pool maintenance including balancing the water can restore the health of your pool water and prevent future scale buildup. Check your local pool store to find items to help you prevent scale buildup.

  1. Test your total alkalinity level to make sure it falls between 80 and 120 ppm. Adjust this level before adjusting your pH.
  2. Test your pool water to make sure your pH levels remain between 7.2 and 7.6. Adjust by adding a pH balancer to the water.
  3. Keep your calcium hardness level between 200 and 235 ppm; high levels increase the risk for scale. Bring it down by adding soft water. You may also use a scale inhibitor.
  4. Prevent scale buildup by following a maintenance schedule for cleaning and testing the balance of your water. Daily testing will ensure your levels remain manageable.
  5. Remove light areas of waterline scale buildup by scrubbing with a pool brush or a sponge and a tile cleaner designed for either chlorine or chlorine-free pools.

Source: Swimming Pool  Photo: Ernest McGray, Jr.

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Heaters for the Pool

In Texas, it is rare that we need to close our in-ground pools for the winter months. In order to use the pool year-round, heaters are a good investment. It is important to keep debris away from the heater to ensure fire safety. Unfortunately, utility costs can be high for both electric and gas heaters. Some companies are promoting the use of solar heating. Even though the installation costs can be the same, the money is saved on utility bills, maintenance and life span.
Call Pool Peeps at 210 -980-7665 for more information about heating your pool in the Texas winters.

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Southwest Pool & Spa Show

Pool Peeps will be attending the 2017 Southwest Pool & Spa Show on Jan. 17th through 20th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Located in beautiful San Antonio and adjacent to the famous Riverwalk, the Southwest Pool & Spa Show has everything you could want, including:

An Exhibit Hall with more booths than last year! Vendor exhibits are featuring in ground, above ground, hot tubs, retail, service and much, much more.

An expanded schedule of industry certification and educational classes for all aspects of the business and for every level of your team – from the Owner to the Techs!

The Pool Peep team will be taking the NPC Start-Up Technicians Certification Course. This program certifies individuals to NPC Industry Standards in the proper startup of plastered pools. The startup process is the key event in bringing your pool to life! Proper startup is the first step in pool owners realizing the full value and longevity of their investment.

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